Ladies' wine and food pairing

Ladies' wine and food pairings

La Dame de Pic, a Parisian restaurant, held a lunch of exception on Mai the 15th. Here the Chef Anne-Sophie Pic and the winemaker of Antonin Rodet, Anne-Laure Hernette, worked their skills to create refined and subtle wine and food pairings. 

Mercurey Premier Cru En Sazenay 2011 Château de Mercey

Chalans duckling, crapaudine beets, chutney of strawberries, barberries

This Mercurey is an extremely elegant and refined wine despite its powerful tannic structure. Its aromas of red berries and its slightly spicy notes ensure a highly aromatic wine and food pairing. Associated with the duckling, this Mercurey exalts the finesse of the meat and enhances its already rich aromas with fruit reminiscences of blackcurrant and cherry, whose unison with the sides made of beets and strawberries results in a great balance. 

Rully Premier Cru Preaux 2010 Château de Rully

Melting palet with saké

Pairing a red wine with a chocolate-based dessert may seem unusual. However, this Rully turns out to be amazing with the palet. On the palate, the attack is supple, the tannins are round and a very nice fruit tends to develop. The finish is generous and the fleshy tannins of this wine perfectly harmonize with those of the cocoa, which results in a beautiful pairing. The richness of the palet and its sweetness are attenuated by the freshness of the wine and their unison results in a seductive tasting experience.